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How my adventure in Sumba started

my-adventure-in-sumbaSumba is a big island, twice the size of Bali. We have been working on the island for more then seven years now and we saw many changes in this time span.

The airport in Tambolaka was very small and had just few flights for week most of the time those flights were cancelled cause to lack of travelers. The very first and few visitors were mainly anthropologist or intellectuals coming on the island to study this very rare Marapu society, see the PASOLA ( the spears battle) and buy IKATS for Museum or personal collections.

No transportation means, no beer, no western food or, I will say no food at all unless you were guest in one of the local house.

Electricity only few hours a day and just rare small local “kind of hotel”. No air conditioning neither hot water or wi-fi. To tell it all it was rather an adventure to go to Sumba willing to visit or to build a business. A real adventure.

My first architect quit the job when I told her that we were going to Sumba to make some due diligence about the land I was renting on the beach and the house I wanted to build. The answer was : “are you sure you want to go to Sumba, sorry I will not come because the people there are very aggressive.

There was no real information about the island which till our days still don’t have a real road map.

I felt in love with Sumba at first sight. No much was there for our western standard and this tickled my pioneer spirit. I saw the glass half full and said to myself that the beauty of the island and its conditions was the opportunity I had always been looking for in my entire life.

I was for the first time in the right place at the right time.

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