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Best Tourist Destinations in East Sumba

East Sumba was awarded by the God a beautiful scenery. The tofografi conditions in general are flat, sloping and wavy. Mountains and limestone hills dominate the most parts of East Sumba.

Land in East Sumba is unique because it contains sand, limestone and rock. Here some tourist destinations for your trip to East Sumba.

Wairinding Hill

Wairinding Hills located in Desa Pambotan Jara, District Pandawai and about 30 minutes drive from the center city of East Sumba.

We can enjoy the beauty of Mount Wairinding during the rainy season, where the grass thrives in every hill.

Desa Adat Rende

Traditional houses at Desa Adat RendeDesa Adat Rende has become a mandatory destination for local and foreign tourists.  In this village there are dozens of traditional house with a unique and distinctive shape. The village situation is quiet and peaceful.

In here you can also taste their typical foods like kahipat (long-shaped ketupat), Uta Watar (made from a blend of peanuts and corn mashed), Kamburung (made from corn that is mashed, steamed and wrapped
using the midrib corn).

Padang Savana Lapawu

Savana LapawuPadang Savana Lapawu is a highland that have a lot overgrown with by weeds.

We can enjoy the beauty of Padang Savana Lapawu by riding Sumba horse. Horses have deep historical links with the people of Sumba and become a part of life on the island at southern of Indonesia.

Walakiri Beach

Walakiri beach is a tourist destination that is located in the Watumbaka, Pandawai District of East Sumba, and about 24 kilometers from the Waingapu City.

The beach is clean and have white sand, perfect for those who want to feel the atmosphere of private as well as a private beach.

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