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Beyond Sumba

One of Indonesia’s few non-volcanic island in the Ring of Fire and spanning over 11,000 sq km, SUMBA island is unique land in a multitude of ways. While the north coast, dotted with coral reefs, mangroves and sheltered bays, is calm, the rugged south coast is pounded by the waves of the Indian Ocean.

The Island of Sumba is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and it is about two times as big as Bali. The Land of Sumba is full of limestone hills, maize, cassava and rippling savannahand so is somewhat different than some of the rest of Indonesia, thus it is a sight for tourists that want to experience a different kind of Indonesia atmosphere.
At this Sumba destination you will see thatched roof homes dotted around ancestral tombs, as the Sumba people still honor their ancestors with festivals and various rites, such as the annual Pasola festival.

horse-of-sumbaDuring this festival the Sumba Island people act out conflicts with other tribes by fighting with spears while bareback on horses. Horses are also still a main transportation mode, as well as a sign of wealth, and Sumba is also one of the country’s head horse breeding places in Indonesia.The horses appear in several festival celebrations to help the Sumba people worship their spirit, which is called Merapu. Sumba is also famous for its cattle bred and raised here.

Tourist Travel to Sumba

Tourists who want to see this Sumba destination or Sumba real estate should plan on coming between October to December so they can see the country when it is greener, or come between April and June when the monsoon season has passed. If you love surfing, then come between May and October, as that’s the best surfing weather. Swimmers need to be careful if they come between July and September because there are high waves that could make swimming more difficult.
Besides surfing, diving and swimming, the island is known for having beautiful beaches to lounge on, and tropical scenery to observe. If you want a place with lots of peace and quiet, then Sumba Island is a good choice for your next vacation so you can get away from the hubbub of your stress and hectic jobs at home.

Getting to Sumba

Tourists can fly to Waingapu Airport to get to Sumba from close by Kupang at West Timor or from Denpasar in Bali, as there are flights a few times a week. Or if you choose, you can take a boat from Flores to Waingapu or to one of the other islands.Waingapu is a small town in the eastern section of Sumba Island and is where the country’s governmental offices, education center, and business and trading centers are located.

Beyond Sumba, another popular Sumba town located in the western part of the island is Waikabubak. It is close to some of the traditional villages such as Tarung, and Pero. Plus, this is the place to go if you want to enjoy surfing and lovely beaches. There is also an exclusive resort that many come to see where holiday goers can relax, appreciate nature and learn about area culture.
If you really want to experience an island paradise and escape from the rat race of the modern world, then come to Sumba to be a part of their native cultures.

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