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Crocodile in Sumba

After seven years travelling and scouting for food location in Sumba, I still find corners of practise when I less aspect. Somebody told me that wear Terimbang in East Sumba, you could find river crocodile.

After making some research so I organize the trip to the river. We woke up very early in the morning to be on the spot around 7 o’clock. Long drive and long walk through the local plantation of cashew nuts.

We brought with us just water to make the walk easier. They told us that every morning the crocodile lay in the sun out of the river in the stones all around. They advice us to make no voice at all to avoid that they will run away jumping in the river water.

We did follow all the instructions and we arrive very close to the river. The environment was amazing. The color of the river water was a mix of turquoise with the reflection of the wild feel of the jungle. Birds singing and the total silence all around.

We have been walking on the right side of the river trying not to make noises as much as possible. All around the floor was full of leaf so it was really challenge.

At one point there was a fallen tree working as bridge between two sides of the river. Uly friend of Takolis turned and looked at me like he wanted show me something. I start to look around but I couldn’t notice a sign of a crocodile. And then in a second a big something was jumping in the water.
I just had the time to see 2 meter of a tail of crocodile that was entering the water. What a disappointment.

We stayed there for more than 1 hour with the hope to see another crocodile but we got tired to wait and start to make our way back.

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