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Sandalwoods Islands

Sandalwood is woods that heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. Historically, Sumba Island exported sandalwood and was known as Sandalwood Island.

People want to go back to nature, but with all the modern amenities. Such is the dream life. Usually it conjures up images of white sandy beaches with turquoise water. It’s been repeated God knows how much. Yet, the world is getting smaller. Uncharted lands are becoming less and less common. With over 17000 islands, only 6000 of which is inhabited, Indonesia would seem perfect on paper. Understanding this, people need to look further than famous tourist destinations like Bali, which is more likely to have tourist traps and overcrowded beaches. As an example of this, Bali is said to be the number two surf spot in the world, just behind of Hawaii. Professional surfers however, perhaps due to some overcrowding and some other reasons, are now going to the south side of Sumba to surf.

In fact, at almost twice the size of Bali and with less than an eightth of Bali’s population, Sumba (also called the Sandalwood Island) not only offers white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, it also offers exclusiveness and privacy. Sumba’s appeal increases dramatically due to its famous equine culture. Riding the Sumba Sandalwood pony over white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water seems to be an almost irresistible opportunity.


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