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Traditional Foods in Sumba

There are so many kinds of traditional foods in Sumba.
But, hard to find them in restaurant. Probably the local community has not developed a unique culinary into restaurants.

Some time ago when we popped into West Sumba for the Pasola Festival, we introduced a wide range of Sumba culinary:

Manu Pata’u Ni:
manu-patau-niKampong chicken cooked with coconut milk sauce. The sauce served separately. Manu Pata’u Ni is fit eaten with Nga’a Watary Patau Kabbe.

Nga’a Watary Patau Kabbe:
is corn rice mixed with red beans. Firstly the corn is grinded.
The red beans cooked until rupture then both of them are mixed.
Their rough texture is suitable eaten with Manu Pata’u Ni.

Raooluwa Paba’i:
This rice porridge is also in the list of unique culinary from Sumba.
Raooluwa Paba’i is eaten as an appetizer or it could be in conjunction
with other foods.
They are made from papaya leaves and cassava leaves cooked with rice
and coconut milk souce.

Rowo Kabata:
Rowo Kabata is a vegetable which is made from cassava leaves, papaya
leaves, or sweet potato leaves. Some people like to mix it with papaya flower, bitter but delicious.

Ka’pu Pantunnu:
Then there is Ka’pu Pantunnu which is made from banana heart.
The unique of this vagetable is the aroma from basil leaves.
Yes, basil that grows on the island of Sumba has a distinctive and
strong fragrant aroma.
The middle of banana heart is burned and mixed with grated toasted-coconut. More delicious if eaten with corn rice.

bokosawu-nyaleAnd the last and also my favorite is Bokosawu Nyale.
This sambal is rare because it uses nyale as the base material.
Nyale is some sort of marine worms that only appear once a year as a
start sign of Pasola Festival.
Uncooked Nyale simply mixed with basil and lime juice.

Antonio Casella

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