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Property Sumba is the only real estate agency of its kind on the island of Sumba, offering unrivaled local expertise and a wide breathe of services to help our clients, be they private persons or corporate entities, find the perfect properties to suit their needs and aspirations.

Established in 2007, we are the most experienced and reliable agency on the island, with deep grassroots connections to the native peoples and local government. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of reliability and service: all our properties are owned directly by ourselves, and are delineated and registered by the local authorities. We do not act as middlemen, and never sell property that is not thoroughly indexed with the government. We take pride in ensuring our clients are fully informed of every aspect of their potential purchase, while we also offer turnkey solutions to guarantee simplicity and results. We help our clients identify what properties best suit their specifications, and if needed we stand ready to assist with legal factors, construction, design, and the marketing of their projects.

Our local knowledge is unique among agencies on the island. We have worked here for a decade, and have established close relations with the local population. We are not in Sumba just for the business opportunities – we love the beauty, the wilderness, the colours, people, sounds. Sumba is magical, tranquil. Breathtaking. We cooperate amicably, as partners, with the local people that originally owned our land for generations, and are committed to sharing the benefits of our enterprise with them.

Property Sumba, as such, operates on three defining principles: we offer investors early market access to a wonderful tropical island destined to become a buzzing travel destination; we offer fully integrated services, from researching the most suitable properties to legal assistance to the marketing of projects; and we offer expert local knowledge, working hand-in-hand with the local peoples for unparalleled access to information and to ensure they benefit fairly from foreign investment.

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