We share spaceship Earth with over seven billion people.  It is safe to say that the booming warnings that we hear about the treat to life support on our spaceship/planet should be taken very seriously.

Around the world, a few like-minded people are creating sustainable communities in safe havens.  Others are actively working on back-up plans to dependence on traditional social structures.

Over the past decade, we have trekked, discovered and purchased scores of stunning beach and sea-view properties on Sumba Island, our beautiful atoll.  Our concept is to offer generous size lots for ‘free-hold’ ownership to a few people with vision; we call them ‘Sooners’ – someone who acts ahead of the crowd.

Covid has played havoc with all of our best laid plans.  What is now emerging is an alternative ‘new normal’ set of life styles choices.

In Sumba Island there are a broad range of freedoms to create a ‘slice of paradise’.  The regional government supports foreign investment and tourist development. 

With the financial support of the central government Sumba is being groomed as the next tropical island phenomenon.  New airport facilities, increased number of flights, roads and infrastructure project are a few of the positive developments now available, local merchants have established a support structure.  

Globally, modern communications and transportation offer innovative life style options that could not be contemplated only a few short years ago.  It is now quite practical to raise a family in one location, work remotely, and invest in separate jurisdiction. 

We can create our own healthy lifestyle environment supported by education, medical facilities, and also build relationships with people who share our values.

In Sumba Island one can find the right mix of fundamentals for an alternative lifestyle.   For an overview of our stunning beach properties, we invite you to visit –


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