Yayasan Harapan Sumba (YHS) “Hope For Children of Sumba” is an Indonesian Non-Profit Foundation dedicated to helping the children of Sumba:

  • Potable water
  • Sanitation
  • Basic health care
  • Nutritious & Foods
  • Education & Music
Sumba Children


Ms. Ann McCue is the founder of YHS.  She works closely with the local communities and schools to improve life for the children.

The children crave interaction and creative lessons at all levels.  They are highly motivated to learn.  They are especially keen to learn and practice English, music, art and life skills like hygiene.  Other non-profit foundations like the Sumba Foundation are doing great work to support the people of Sumba.

Humanitarian aid is focus on village-based project that improve health and education.  They include: malaria control, child education, potable water wells and income generating projects.  Aid is being offered to help the people help themselves while respecting and preserving the fragile culture and traditions of the Sumbanese people.

The children of Sumba also benefit from medical treatment offered by a surgical team from Interplast Australia and New Zealand.  Further the Sumba Foundation has joined the One Percent For the Planet – a growing global movement of corporations that donate 1% of their sales to an network of environmental organizations worldwide.

+1 506 530 5789